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The Movie
This fast-paced comedy stars Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid as Jeff and Jane Blue, former spies on maternity leave in New Orleans. The quick-thinking espionage professionals are eager to enjoy their vacation and their new daughter, attempting to lead a normal life as a family. When the notorious head of the Czechoslovakian Secret Police, Paulina Novacek (Fiona Shaw), is suspected of being in the New Orleans area, the CIA convinces the suave couple to go undercover on the top-secret hunt. Their investigation turns New Orleans upside down as the Blues are chased by the suspicious local police, a vengeful mugger (Stanley Tucci), and the villainous Novacek's henchmen. The masterful couple prove that they are ruthless spies, as well as doting parents, and are soon up against Novacek herself, who has stolen lethal military explosives. These stroller-toting spies mean business and soon find themselves up against their archrival in a battle of wits that director Herb Ross handles with a fun touch.

Kathleen Turner.....Jane Blue
Dennis Quaid.....Jeff Blue
Fiona Shaw.....Paulina Novacek
Stanley Tucci.....Muerte
Larry Miller.....Detective Sergeant Halsey
Obba Babatunde.....Lieutenant Sawyer
Tom Arnold.....Vern Newman
Park Overall.....Bonnie Newman

During the interrogation scene, Quaid calls Turner "Dr. Lotte Lenya," the name of the actress who played Rosa Klebb in "From Russia with Love".

Jeff Blue introduces himself as reporter Hildy Johnson when he goes to Dynagon. This is the name of a reporter in the films "The Front Page", its remake, "The Front Page", and its not-quite-a-remake "His Girl Friday".

Tagline: Intelligence Runs in the Family

Release: Debuted in 1993, grossing over 12 million in the USA

Director: Herbert Ross

Written by: Ian Abrams

The Site
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